Transfusion Services


What is transfusion medicine? In basic terms, it is the branch of medicine that deals with the transfusion of blood and blood products. Part of achieving transfusion medicine excellence is offering superior expertise, support and services to our healthcare partners, donors and patients in need of transfusion.

As the primary collector and provider of blood products for Colorado patients, it's Bonfils' job to understand and anticipate the needs of our healthcare partners. That knowledge includes advising our partners on the best practices for transfusion medicine and selection of blood products for both adult and pediatric patients. This consultation helps ensure the right product is given to the right patient at the right time.

As an additional service to our healthcare partners and to ultimately help patients in need, Bonfils makes guidelines and references available to help standardize transfusion practices for physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. An on-call transfusion medicine specialist is available around the clock to consult on complex transfusion questions that may arise before or after a transfusion takes place.

Our Medical Affairs team advocates for proper stewardship of the community blood supply by serving on hospital-based transfusion committees and providing educational resources including printed materials, conferences, webinars and more. They are advocates for proper blood stewardship, provide education and are available to host conferences for clinicians.

Because blood cannot be created and must be donated, the supply is limited and precious. Our responsibility is to manage the community blood supply by collecting the right number and type of donations to meet the constantly changing need. To avoid overuse of the limited resource of blood, Bonfils Blood Center works together with our healthcare partners to ensure the blood supply is utilized effectively and efficiently.

Our medical consultation services assist with this, but stewarding the blood supply also involves hourly monitoring of our inventory to align with our hospital partners' daily blood product needs. These services result in timely transport of blood products to approximately 100 hospitals we serve by working with hospitals on strategies to reduce or avoid the need for a blood transfusion. These initiatives not only assist with proper stewardship of the blood supply, but help ensure Bonfils can continue to provide the highest quality product to patients in need.

As an added service to our community and healthcare partners, Bonfils Blood Center offers specialized donation collections within our Lowry headquarters with a focus on autologous, directed and therapeutic phlebotomy.

Autologous and Directed Donations
These types of donations are given for a specific patient. Autologous donations are made by the patient for their own use and directed donations are made by others for a specific patient. These types of donations are collected by Bonfils only when ordered by a patient's physician. Because of rigorous testing and quality control measures, blood transfusion and the community blood supply are extremely safe. Autologous and directed donations are not the norm. The vast majority of lives saved and enhanced by blood transfusion are made possible due to generous donors who give knowing their lifesaving gift will help a complete stranger.

Therapeutic Phlebotomy
Therapeutic phlebotomy is a service offered by Bonfils for patients with iron overload syndromes such as hereditary hemochromatosis, among others. Hereditary hemochromatosis is a disorder that causes excess iron to accumulate in the body which can disrupt the normal function of organs. One treatment option for this disorder is to donate blood to reduce the amount of iron in the body. To learn more about this donation option please call Bonfils' Donor Relations department at 303.363.2202.

In addition to these services, Bonfils' Specialized Donations department facilitates blood and blood product collections for research purposes, peripheral blood stem cell donations for Bonfils' Marrow Program and other specialized collections to help patients in need.