Laboratory Services


Part of collaborating with our many hospital and healthcare partners includes offering top notch laboratory services. In our state-of-the-art Lowry headquarters we house a Quality Control (QC) team and an Immunohematology Reference Laboratory (Reference Lab). Both of these teams help ensure Bonfils is able to offer the highest quality blood products and that the right product is available for the right patient at the right time.

In addition to maintaining a sufficient blood supply, it is a top priority to guarantee the safety and highest quality of that supply. Each unit of blood we collect is tested to help ensure patient safety and the best possible outcomes based on their need. Additionally, our QC team regularly and diligently performs quality control tests to help safeguard against any issues that may interfere with safety, purity and potency standards.

Our Reference Lab solves lifesaving puzzles each and every day. Anyone who donates blood knows the basic blood types, but in some cases a patient's antibodies and antigens make getting a transfusion more complicated. How does our Reference Lab help with these complicated cases?

An antibody is a protein produced by the body's immune system when it detects foreign substances, known as antigens. An individual will only produce an antibody if the antigen is one that they lack. All individuals have unique antigen types on their red cells. Patients receiving blood transfusions can have reactions to transfused blood because of these differences in blood characteristics. Most patients receiving a blood transfusion do not have atypical antibodies. However, there are patients who have developed complex antibodies and need blood from a special donor type. Our Reference Lab assists hospitals in solving antibody puzzles and supplies compatible units of blood around the clock. It is one of about 60 AABB-accredited immunohematology reference laboratories in the world - the only in Colorado - and a member of the American Rare Donor Program which maintains the world's largest listing of rare blood donors and routinely provides rare units to benefit patients across the country around the world and within Colorado.