Healthcare Partners


Because we are always reaching out to our community to recruit more lifesaving donors, blood donation and blood donors are probably the first things that come to mind when you think about Bonfils Blood Center. But what we do every day as a blood center extends far beyond just collecting blood. As an integral part of Colorado’s healthcare system, it includes working collaboratively with approximately 100 hospitals and healthcare partners to make sure the blood supply is used efficiently and effectively. It also includes being a leader in our industry in laboratory services, research and transfusion services. Additionally, Bonfils manages a website and online ordering portal exclusively for our healthcare partners.    

As one of Colorado’s oldest and most trusted healthcare nonprofits, we understand the needs of our local healthcare partners and are passionate about meeting and exceeding their expectations. For more than 70 years we have quietly assured patients and healthcare partners in nearly every Colorado community that if they arrive at the hospital for scheduled surgery or through the emergency room, blood or blood products will be on the shelves. 

In addition to these established partnerships, many healthcare agencies in Colorado that house their own blood collection programs rely on Bonfils for medical expertise, laboratory services and blood products when their supplies run short. 

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