Areas of Need


General operating (aka Everyday Lifesaving Operations) support is the most critical type of support for Bonfils Blood Center. When you give a gift to aid Everyday Lifesaving Operations, you are providing unrestricted dollars that can be allocated when and where they are needed most. General operating support is often utilized to meet unforeseen emergencies, provide timely support for programs and equipment and to pursue new opportunities that allow Bonfils to better serve the hundreds of thousands of patients we serve annually. 

If you prefer, you may designate your gift to one or more of the campaign or program areas below.

Often, Bonfils raises funds for a specific need such as equipment or vehicles. Currently, our Build a Fleet Campaign is raising funds for several new, vitally needed vehicles. These vehicles will enable us to continue mobile operations without interruption. More than 50 percent of the blood donations given to Bonfils are donated at mobile blood drives throughout Colorado. Financial gifts to this campaign also support vehicle maintenance for our mobile fleet.

Bonfils Blood Center's mission statement is “Partnering with our community to save and enhance lives through transfusion medicine excellence.” Transfusion medicine excellence is achieved through rigorous testing of blood and blood products to ensure safety, maintaining our status as a state-of-the-art blood center by adopting new technologies and staying abreast of industry best practices and continuing to offer training and education to employees that are part of our premier workforce. If you would like to specifically support Bonfils' high standards in transfusion medicine excellence, you can designate your gift to any one of the following initiatives:

  • Blood Supply and Patient Safety
  • Employee Skills Training
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Lowry Facilities Improvements

Please contact or 303.739.4000 for details.


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