Bonfils Star Rewards Program


Bonfils Star Rewards program was developed to encourage, recognize and reward our blood donors. In an effort to assess the store and ensure a positive experience for everyone, we have limited store membership to a select group of donors. 


Bonfils donors save and enhance lives every day by making whole blood and automated donations for the community blood supply. If you are invited to participate in the program, you will earn points redeemable in the store for a variety of gifts or experiences. 




Whole Blood Donation


Automated Double Red Cell Donation




Platelet Donation


Plasma Donation


Combined Donation



Bonfils Blood Center needs more than 3,000 donations each week in order to ensure area hospitals have the necessary products available for their patients. We rely on daily donations to provide a safe and stable supply. Over the course of the year there are certain “critical periods” which coincide with holidays and vacation seasons and Bonfils may elect to award bonus points for donors who give at these critical times. 

Redeeming points is easy, however you must have a minimum of 150 points to redeem. Items in the store start as low as 50 points and you’ll see a wide array of gifts and experiences. You can redeem all or some of your points as you wish. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks to receive your selected item. Blood donors can earn a maximum of 2,400 points. Once you reach 2,400 points, you will no longer earn additional points until you spend some or all of your points in the Rewards Store.

You can also donate your points back to Bonfils Blood Center. When you donate points back, it results in a cost savings to the organization and the savings can be used in other areas to help ensure a safe and sufficient blood supply for the community. There is no cash value for points and they are not tax-deductible. Star Rewards points are not transferable and are not redeemable for cash.

Please note: Star Rewards points will be posted 5 days after your donation. If you do not see your donation at that time, please contact our Marketing department at 303.341.4000.

Bonfils Blood Center reserves the right to modify or end the donor store program at any time.

Don’t let your Star Rewards points expire! All rewards points will expire after 12 months of account inactivty. If you do not make any donations for a 12 month period, you will forfeit all Star Rewards points. This requirement will be waived while any donor is temporarily deferred from donating. Please contact us if you are temporarily deferred.

Bonfils Star Rewards program members can access the rewards store through the online donor portal. Simply select Reward Store in the top right corner of the portal. You will need at least 150 points to begin redeeming your points, but you can review the available reward items anytime. Items in the Bonfils Star Rewards donor store will start as low as 50 points. Should you choose not to redeem your points, you can donate them back to Bonfils Blood Center as well. Refer to the user manual for step-by-step instructions on accessing the store.

If I donate for research, will I still be able to acquire points for the Bonfils Star Rewards program?

Only blood donations to the community supply will allow you to earn points with the Bonfils Star Rewards program. Because donors are financially compensated for research donations, any donation made with our research program will not earn you points with the Bonfils Star Rewards program.

If I make therapeutic donations, will those count towards points in the Bonfils Star Rewards program?

Only blood donations to the community supply will allow you to earn points with the Bonfils Star Rewards program. If your therapeutic donations is being used in the community supply and if you meet the eligibility of our program launch, you will receive points with the Bonfils Star Rewards program for your donation.

What if I don’t want to participate in the Bonfils Star Rewards program?

Your account will remain dormant. Participation in the Bonfils Star Rewards program is strictly voluntary and you have the choice to participate or not.

What if I am deferred for a year because of travel, tattoos or piercings?

Please notify the Bonfils Marketing department at 303.341.4000 about your deferral so that we can make note of it in our system. We will freeze your account and restart it when your deferral ends. Rewards Points will not be impacted by the expiration policy if you contact us about your deferral.