Student too young to donate herself saves lives another way


Posted on 02/23/2018

Sophia can't become a blood donor until she's 16, but she's already helping save lives through blood donation, by encouraging others to give. 

Sophia attends The Logan School for Creative Learning, just up the street from Bonfils Blood Center's Lowry community donor center. The Logan School's philosophical approach to education is designed to allow children to choose an individual field of study, referred to as a unit, and carry out that study throughout the school year. Sophia chose to study cardiovascular functions as her unit this school year. Her research led her to learn about the many cardiovascular diseases correlated with blood deficiencies. She also learned of the ongoing need for more blood donors to meet the needs of patients.

"Once I learned a little bit more it was something that I thought I really needed to do," the seventh grader said.

Sophia asked families and others connected to her school to give blood. She set up a group code with Bonfils to help track the number of donations she inspired. In two weeks' time, 16 people came in to donate because of her efforts. Because every donation has the potential to save or enhance up to three lives, that's an impact of up to 48 lives! Learn more about how individual components from a blood donation can help patients in different ways.

Anyone can mention code 7389 when donating at any of Bonfils' eight community donor centers to show their support for Sophia's efforts. Appointments are preferred, walk-ins are welcome.

In addition to the fixed-site community donor centers, Bonfils tries to make blood donation convenient for more donors by working with schools, civic groups, places of worship, businesses and other organizations to host mobile blood drives all across Colorado. 

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