Why every day is World Blood Donor Day


Posted on 06/14/2017

Blood donors are unsung heroes. They quietly go about the business of saving lives, never knowing exactly who they are helping, but nonetheless saving or enhancing the lives of up to three people with each donation. 

June 14 is designated as World Blood Donor Day to raise awareness about the need for volunteer blood donors all over the world. But we celebrate blood donors every day who help ensure a safe supply is ready at all times for patient needs, both routine and emergency.

More blood donors are always needed as only a small percentage of the eligible population gives blood. While the red blood cells from a whole blood donation can be used for up to 42 days, it's unusual for Bonfils and other blood centers around the country to have more than a week's supply of any one blood type on hand at any one time. The more people who give, the more critical shortages can be avoided. It's the blood already on the shelf that helps patients.  

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Summer is an especially challenging time of year for blood centers around the country. With schools on summer break and many employees taking vacations during this time of year, there are fewer opportunities to hold mobile blood drives, and in turn, fewer people donating blood. 

If you don't already give blood, please consider starting. If you already give once or twice a year, please consider giving once more. Even better, bring a friend and double your impact. 

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Ineligible to donate? There are many other ways to support our cause:

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