Give blood before you head out on spring break


Posted on 03/08/2018

Maintaining a steady blood supply for patients in need doesn't take a holiday. While many schools go on spring break in late March, like other times of year when travel peaks, blood donations tend to drop.

We're asking all eligible donors who have spring break trips planned to give before you go!

If you are staying close to home for spring break, spend an hour with us during your time off from work or school.

Find a Convenient Location or Make an Appointment  

Here's why it's really important for you to donate before you travel internationally:

A donor is deferred for 12 months if they’ve traveled to and spent more than 24 hours in a country in a common risk area for malaria. Please consult this list at the bottom of our prescreening questions, but note it is not an all-inclusive list.

If you have questions about donor eligibility, please call Bonfils' Donor Relations department at 303.363.2202.

Travel deferrals are an additional challenge to maintaining a safe and ready blood supply during the summer months when high schools and colleges that hold blood drives take a break. 

If you are able to donate, please consider taking an hour out of your day to give blood.