Donors Urged to Make Future Appointments Due to Shelf Life of Blood


Posted on 10/05/2017

Following an overwhelming response from blood donors across the nation to support victims of the Las Vegas shooting, the immediate blood needs have been met. Donors came out in large numbers to give blood following the tragedy. As of 4pm Thursday, Oct. 5, 3,349 donors registered at a Bonfils donor center or blood drive Monday through Thursday. That’s 1,000 more than during the same four days the previous week. However, those donors won’t be eligible to donate again until early December.

Since blood has a shelf life of just 42 days, Bonfils Blood Center is urging donors to make future appointments to ensure that patients have an ample supply of lifesaving transfusions going into and through the winter holiday season. Make a donation appointment online or call 303.363.2300.

Tragedy can strike without a moment’s notice, and the Las Vegas shooting proved that it is the blood already on the shelves that saves lives. In Las Vegas, and across the country, donors came forward to give blood following the tragedy to help replenish the supply and meet additional patient needs in the upcoming weeks. Bonfils Blood Center actively monitors hospital needs and proactively encourages donors to make future appointments when the time is right to carefully match blood collections with anticipated transfusions.

“After natural disasters and other tragedies, blood donors often come out in large numbers to support those affected, but it is important to remember that hundreds of patients need lifesaving blood transfusions every day in our community,” said Anne Burtchaell, president of the Blood Systems Mountain Division/Bonfils Blood Center. “Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs a transfusion of donated blood. To patients and families benefitting from lifesaving blood donations, blood donors are heroes.”

Bonfils Blood Center, a Blood Systems blood center, is part of a multi-state system of blood centers. This network works in tandem moving lifesaving donations throughout the system to help ensure blood is available when and where it’s needed most. Individuals who are as young as 16 years of age (with parental consent), weigh at least 110 pounds and are in general good health may be eligible to donate blood.

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