Bonfils announces merger with Blood Systems, Inc.


Posted on 06/16/2016

We’re excited to announce that Bonfils Blood Center will merge with Blood Systems, one of the nation’s oldest and largest transfusion medicine organizations – and a fellow nonprofit. In fact, our donors, partners, clients and supporters will notice few differences. We will continue to ensure that blood and blood products are available for every Coloradan in need in every community we serve across the state. We will continue to host blood drives and count on the loyal support of blood and marrow donors to help us save and enhance lives.

We are growing and thriving, and that is in large part due to the loyal support we have received from the Colorado community over the past seven decades.

This merger will further our mission to save and enhance lives – and ensure our commitment and presence in Colorado for many decades to come.

Together, Bonfils Blood Center and Blood Systems will continue to make a difference in our community by producing a safe and stable blood supply, inspiring individuals to donate blood and advancing lifesaving research. 

Like other aspects of healthcare, the transfusion medicine industry is changing rapidly. Bonfils Blood Center must also evolve to meet the changing needs of our healthcare partners and community.  Merging with Blood Systems will further strengthen our organization and that’s good news for our community as well as the hospitals and patients we serve.

Honoring our Roots, Deepening our Commitment

The decision to join Blood Systems honors the trailblazing spirit of our founders and early leaders. By evolving with the healthcare market and positioning ourselves for success in the long term, we are building on the foundation of quality, innovation and commitment laid by these Bonfils pioneers.

As a testament to our longstanding history in Colorado, Bonfils Blood Center will retain its name and presence in the community with the merger.

The pioneering spirit that has powered our organization since its founding will also live on, and Bonfils Blood Center will continue to be one of Colorado’s most trusted and recognized healthcare organizations, as we have been for more than 70 years.

Strong and Growing Stronger

In 2014, Bonfils Blood Center affiliated with Blood Systems, a move that resulted in increased efficiencies and strengthened our ability to meet the community’s transfusion medicine needs. The merger is an extension of our existing collaboration and a logical next step in our affiliation that benefits both of our organizations and the communities we serve.