3 blood donors, 190 gallons, up to 4,560 lives saved


Posted on 08/11/2017

Every donation makes a lifesaving difference. 

Bonfils recognizes blood donors with a lapel pin for every eight donations they make, the equivalent to a gallon.

Of all Bonfils donors past and present, fewer than 30 have topped the 50-gallon milestone.

Here are three Bonfils donors who recently hit the 50, 60 and 80 gallon donation level:

Bill Burnham hit the 80-gallon milestone in early June at Bonfils' Lowry community donor center:


Stanley Large recently became Bonfils' newest 60-gallon donor. He gives at Bonfils' Denver West community donor center:


Helen Mount is a 50-gallon donor who also gives at Bonfils' Denver West community donor center:

As platelet donors, they are eligible to donate blood up to 24 times per year. Platelets have only a five-day shelf life.

Together, these three donors have given more than 190 gallons of blood. All combined, they've donated more than 1,520 times and those donations have saved or enhanced the lives of up to 4,560 patients in need.

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