Change in tattoo policy for Bonfils blood donors


Posted on 01/16/2017

Effective Monday, Jan. 16, Bonfils blood donors may be eligible to donate if they've had a tattoo applied within the last 12 months.

The updated policy will allow a person to donate without a waiting period if that tattoo was applied in a state-regulated, professional shop using sterile needles and single-use ink in Colorado or another state on the approved list.

Previously, all Bonfils blood donors were deferred from giving blood for 12 months after getting a tattoo/make-up application that was not performed in a physician's office using single-use equipment.

The safety of the blood supply remains Bonfils' top priority. Bonfils recognizes and appreciates the safety precautions a tattoo shop must make in order to be state regulated in Colorado. 

Prospective blood donors may contact Bonfils' Donor Relations department for information about other states on the approved list at 303.363.2202.