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Highlands Ranch center celebrates 50-gallon donor

Every two weeks, Hans Konstabel makes the trip from his Englewood home to Bonfils' Highlands Ranch Community Donor Center to donate platelets. He's made the trip so often, he's now joined an elite group of 17 active Bonfils blood donors who have topped the 50-gallon milestone.


How you can continue to support Bonfils with financial gifts

The future of the community blood supply and blood services in Colorado was secured with the creation of a $12 million donor-advised fund by Bonfils Blood Center and Bonfils Blood Center Foundation. 


Change in tattoo policy for Bonfils blood donors

Effective Monday, Jan. 16, Bonfils blood donors may be eligible to donate if they've had a tattoo applied within the last 12 months.


Snow, cold cause drop in donations

As weather conditions improve over the next several days, blood donors are asked to help make up for lost donations attributed to the snow and cold weather across Colorado.


Three donors account for 200+ donations

Ned Habich and Denny Dalpez are among an elite group of Bonfils blood donors whose bi-weekly donations have reached the 75-gallon level. But the two regulars at Bonfils' Denver West Community Donor Center point to another dedicated donor as their inspiration.