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Bonfils proud to sponsor Levitt Pavilion Denver Colorado concert series

Bonfils is proud to partner with Levitt Pavilion Denver to present the brand new venue's first-ever Colorado concert series.


Why every day is World Blood Donor Day

Blood donors are unsung heroes. They quietly go about the business of saving lives, never knowing exactly who they are helping, but nonetheless saving or enhancing the lives of up to three people with each donation. 


Bonfils celebrates 40-year blood drive host in Lakewood

Congratulations to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Lakewood Stake for 40 years of saving lives with Bonfils.


Thanks for supporting Bonfils' Battle of the Badges

Thank you to the 13,895 people who turned out to give 13,339 units of blood during Bonfils’ first-ever Battle of the Badges competition in July.