Blood Donor Hall of Fame


Every blood donation has lifesaving potential. Bonfils marks milestone donations by the gallon. Every eight times a donor gives blood they receive a lapel pin designated with the appropriate gallon number. 

Whole blood donors are eligible to donate up to six times per year while apheresis donors are able to donate up to 24 times per year. 

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The following list celebrates Bonfils donors who have volunteered significant hours giving blood on 240 or more occasions:

Bill Cell

Bill Burnham



Ned Habich

Bruce Trautmann

Denny Dalpez

Dave Mihalick

Virgil Olson

Jack Joyce

Larry Cloos

Richard Loya

Emil Schmutzler

Chris Orr

Jodi Muser

Buel Grout

Stanley Large

Sandy Reasch

Liz Stewart

Helen W.

Steve Medina

Joseph Lothringer

Woody Woodson, Jr.

Charlie Amaral

Chris Kennedy

Hans Konstabel

Willard H.

Helen Mount

Paul Berteau

Ron R.

Timothy M.

Brian H.

Christopher (Mark) Thompson

John F.

Bruce B.

Paul C.

David G.

Doris L.

Kevin M.

Clinton S. 

Robert F.

Craig T.

Richard B.

Michael K.

Kenneth H.

Michael K.

Lyle H.

Ben H.

Edward W.

Charles C.

John J.

Jeffrey B.

Robert K.

Vincent G.

Richard J.

Fletcher B.

Fred B.

Leon D.

William K.

Tina G.

John M.

Charles B.

Neal D.

Martin L.

Gayle D.

Duane P.

Frances H.

Carolyn V.

Greg W.

Norman G.

Tim S.

Randolf V.

Scott B.

Alfredo C.

Charr O.

Gregory W.

James H.

Emilio S.

Don O.

John M.

Edward M.

John M.

Miller H.

Gary N.

James S.

Thomas T.

Grover S.

Joe C.

Todd M.

Robert S.

Kevin S.

John F.

Sherwin B.

James H.

Gayle B.

Paul L.

Monte T.

Carolyn W.

Jerae S.

Larry P.

Sandra D.

Kim P.

Robert C.

Michael W.

Kenneth P.

John H.

Randall S.

Robert P.

RIchard K,

Jerry R.

Robert G.

John L.

Victor B.

Earl W.

George B.

Marjorie P.

A. B.

Marvin P.

Sharon C.

Donald H.

Elizabeth M.

James R.

Gordon S. 

Joseph W.

Laruen A.

David A.

Michael L.

Max O.

Richard S.

Craig S.

Walter S.

Eileen B.

Arthur S.

Gloria J.


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